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A native tree is accepted as being one that was on the land before it split from Europe:

Ash,  Oak,  Elm,  Beech,  Hornbeam,  Lime,  Maple,  Birch,  Elder,  Whitebeam,  Wild Service,  Rowan,  Hazel,  Hawthorn,  Crab Apple, Cherry,  Alder,  Black Poplar,  Aspen,  Willow,  Sallow, Wild Pear,  Holly

Scots pine,  Juniper,  Yew

All other trees now in Britain have since been introduced for their ornamentation, timber or fruits.

The Sweet Chestnut was imported by the Romans, for food, some two thousand years ago..
Other common trees that have been around for centuries are:
Sycamore circa 1250
Walnut  circa 1400
Plane  circa 1580
Fir  circa  1600
Horse Chestnut circa 1600
Larch 1629

Cedar and Sequioa arrive in the 18th century when collection exotic plants was a preserve of the aristocracy and rich.
Even Christopher Columbus had a botanist on board who collected seeds.
Several were introduced by the Victorian Plant hunters, many of whom were sponsored by Kew Gardens.
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