Materials available from 
Wire is available in three different lengths.  
These vary slightly according to availability, but are generally 
7 or 9 inch of around 0.4mm thickness for 1.00; 
12 or 14 inch of around 0.5mm thickness for 1.50; and 
20 inch of about 0.7mm for 2.50
Postiche plait about 250mm for 3.00
It comes in green, mid or dark brown for normal use, and in beige for early autumn or floral trees; then in auburn for deep autumn trees.
Cohesive tape is available in green/brown/white for 1.75

Clay is 2.00/packet - this is airdry resin clay - very light, non-shrink.

Horsehair comes in three sizes:
approx a 6 inch square at 1.50
approx a 12 inch square at 5.50
and a strip of approx 6 inches by 36 inches at 7.50
PLEASE NOTE:  I have seen folks use steel wool as a scatter carrier for foliage.  Please don't do this.  It is used by the army as a primer for a detonator, and, especially if you use DCC, you run the risk of your layout going up in smoke which happened to a friend of mine.  Just try putting a piece of steel wool across a battery!
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