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Here you will find our Scale Model Train Trees for sale plus some relevant information about trees. 

Railway modellers usually want a method of planting model trees into their layout scenery; those listed on the sister area ( are not generally thus suited.

You may still find trees of interest on there, especially if you are a larger scale modeller or, perhaps, want a potted tree for your station. There are also some trees on bases which can be inset into landscape. You will find a link to our original site here


We are happy to make bespoke trees, but often have a waiting list for commissions. The length of this obviously varies.

We cater for all scales from T scale trees, through Z gauge trees, N trees (2mm scale trees), HO trees (3.5mm scale) OO trees (4mm scale trees), O trees (7mm scale), various G scales including Gauge 3, and larger if required plus all sizes between.

Please be aware that this site is photo intensive and therefore may take a little longer to download pages than you might expect.  Thank you.   

Please note that these trees are not Made in China. They are handmade in the UK by a UK modeller, therefore each one is different although some may be similar.

Now I have lung therapy between 1 and 4 days every week emails may not receive a very prompt response. Phone calls may receive a response but my husband will not be able to answer questions if I'm not available.

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