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Here you will find our Scale Model Train Trees for sale plus some information about trees. 


Railway modellers usually want a method of planting model trees into their layout scenery; those listed on the sister area ( are not generally thus suited.

You may still find trees of interest on there, especially if you are a larger scale modeller or, perhaps, want a potted tree for your station. There are also some trees on bases which can be inset into landscape. You will find a link to our original site here


It has come to my attention that a relatively new website has been started with a very similar name to one of the aliases of this one ( and that the wording is that found on one of my leaflets.  Please don't be fooled it has nothing to do with this website.

We are happy to make bespoke trees, but often have a waiting list for commissions. The length of this obviously varies.

We cater for all scales from T scale trees, through Z gauge trees, N trees (2mm scale trees), HO trees (3.5mm scale) OO trees (4mm scale trees), O trees (7mm scale), various G scales including Gauge 3, and larger if required plus all sizes between.

Please be aware that this site is photo intensive and therefore sometimes may take a little longer to download pages than you might expect.  Thank you.   Sometimes a 'refresh' works.

Please note that these trees are not Made in China. They are handmade in the UK by a UK modeller, therefore each one is different although some may be similar.

Trees with Personalitree

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The Site is not up to date because of hospitalisations.  I don't think any of the trees shown are actually still available, but I am still making a few trees.  Email, but please be patient if you don't receive an immediate response.
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